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The emergency museum consists of buildings both above and below ground. To be able to take part in all exhibitions, including the guided viewing of Kanonen Brita and the Hospital Bunker, physical mobility is required. There are handrails, but the nuclear-proof battle command center is equipped with 30 cm raised thresholds and approximately 40 cm recessed ceiling in the doorways. Corridors are also crowded. Cannon Maja has about 20 steps down to the first landing and then another ten steps to the inside of the bunker. Down in Maja, just like in the battle command center, there are raised thresholds and lowered ceilings in the doorways.


The hospital bunker has a very steep staircase that requires full access both up and down. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get down into the underground parts with a walker, pram or in a wheelchair. The cannon hall, the cafeteria and the exhibition about Christmas food are also available for those who need a walker, or if you want to bring a pram. 

The toilet is unfortunately not accessible for wheelchair users. 

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