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Bunker hike

Join us on a bunker hike in Helsingborg

Since 2000, the Preparedness Museum has organized bunker walks in Helsingborg during the summer. Some months it has snowed in April... but the bunker hike was done anyway!

Join us on an exciting hike above and below ground in the bunkers that would defend Helsingborg in the event of war. Be thrown back in time and experience Helsingborg's uniquely preserved city defences.


Program  (applies to all bunker hikes)

17.45 - gathering at Margaretaplatsen in Helsingborg where the guide receives and ticket control takes place. ATTENTION! Gathering at the benches next to the bus stop on Margaretaplatsen. Do not follow the location of the Google arrow!

18.00 - the guided tour begins. The guide tells us about Helsingborg's city defenses while we move from bunker to bunker and look into several of the preserved bunkers as well as the shelter tunnels at Hälsovägen and the Terrace Stairs at Kärnan. When the guided tour is over, the participants will know how the mile-long defense line along Helsingborg and inside the city center would be used to resist enemy attacks. 

During the screening, we have a short break where drinks are served.

The guided tour ends around 21.00 below the Terrace Stairs. 

Some tips for those of you who are going along:

- Clothing according to the weather, comfortable shoes and your own flashlight are very good to have. The show is never cancelled, regardless of the weather!

- Purchased tickets cannot be canceled or rebooked.

- If it says "Registration closed", it means that all tickets are sold out.

- Hot tip for you who drive a car! It is better to park the car in the Sundstorg garage and take bus 8 towards Domsten/Hittarp to the stop Margaretaplatsen. If you drive all the way to Margaretaplatsen, you will have to go back to collect the car when the guided tour is over. 

- The guidance usually works well for all ages. Keep in mind that the guide leads the group up and down stairs and slopes, in and out of bunkers and that we finally finish the guide below the Terrace Stairs. 

Warm welcome!

You can buy tickets for the bunker tour in Helsingborg here, at 

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