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Find the Preparedness Museum

Short directions

Road 111 between Helsingborg - Höganäs. Drive towards Höganäs. 5 km after the exit to Sofiero, there will be a brown sign with reference to the Preparedness Museum on the right side of the direction of travel. In front!


Enter the address Djuramossavägen 160, 263 65 Viken, and you will be right. If you still end up wrong, call 042-224039 and we'll help you right again!

Long directions

The easiest way is to drive to the museum. Follow road 111 from Helsingborg towards Höganäs. About five km after Sofiero Slott, you will see a sign on your right, towards Djuramossa. You will also see brown directions to the Preparedness Museum at the same sign. Follow the dirt road. After about one km you will arrive at the Preparedness Museum. Park the car in a suitable place and come into the road base hangar and we will help you with ticket purchases etc.

If you don't have a car, we recommend that you go alongbus 8 from Helsingborg to Kulla Gunnarstorp S. Get off there and walk in the direction of the bus. You will see a viaduct that leads under road 111 after about one hundred and fifty meters of walking. Stroll through the viaduct. Now you are on a dirt road that leads you forward. When you are almost at a silo, you will see a new dirt road on your left. Follow that dirt road. You will arrive at a T-junction. It is Djuramossavägen. Take a right. Then you arrive at the Preparedness Museum. The walk takes about 45 minutes for those who walk at a reasonable walking pace. It is also possible to order a taxi from Domsten to the Preparedness Museum.Call Höganäs taxifor pricing information.

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