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The canon cafe

The preparedness museum's Kanoncafé offers sandwiches, buns, cakes, ice cream, cold and hot drinks. When the spirit strikes, we serve Christmas coffee and Christmas cake, often in connection with Pea Soup Evening on Thursdays. Groups can order a pea soup dinner, ie pea soup, butter bread, drink, pancakes, jam, cream and coffee/tea.More information about group bookings is available here!

If you have any allergies, ask at checkout and we will direct you to the right selection. 

Our goal is to always have everything at home. However, since a visit to the Preparedness Museum often happens spontaneously, it is difficult to calculate the number of visitors. If something should run out, ask at the till if there is an opportunity to make more sandwiches, bake more buns, etc. If there are only enough of us there are usually no problems. In low season, the supply may be less than in high season. 

The prices at the Preparedness Museum's Kanoncafé follow the general price trend. Price example from the 2022 season: Coffee SEK 28. Meatball sandwich SEK 65.

Enjoy your meal!

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