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"I am silent". Newly made pin after Bertil Almqvist's original.

"I am silent". Newly made pin after Bertil Almqvist's original.

Bertil Almqvist (1902 - 1972) created the image A Swedish Tiger for the State Information Board in 1941. The image was to remind the population to keep quiet about everything that concerned Sweden's defense, and to keep quiet about information that could lead Sweden into the war that was raging everywhere in Europe.


In 1942, Bertila created the "Tiger Needle" so that the Luftvarnspojkarna could get income for their activities through the sale of the needle. "The tiger pin was a success and the people of Sweden wore the little pin with pride. No foreigner could understand what the pin meant because it was a Swedish play on words. That was exactly Bertila's intention and meaning. The original little pin is preserved in the archives of the Preparedness Museum.


In 2002, Bertil Almqvist's daughters transferred the copyright to the image to the Preparedness Museum, in order to preserve the image and its history. The Preparedness Museum has produced the pin "Jag tiger" again. It is delivered in a gift box. The history of the tiger is included on an A4.


    The pin is hand painted and it is carefully made. So be careful with it. DO NOT machine wash it with your clothes because then you won't have a pin left... so remember to remove it from the garment that adorns it. Also remember to be careful when removing the little "plug" that protects you from being stung. 


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